Corpse Flower Blooms in Denver…Chicago is Next!

We'll be first to admit that today's blog stinks, and we're not talking about the quality of the writing.  We're referring to the Titan Arum that has already bloomed at the Denver Botanic Gardens and is about to bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  The Titan Arum is a special type of plant that is sometimes referred to as the corpse flower because of the awful smell is produces when it blooms.  Whatever is the smelliest item you can think of, the corpse flower has been compared to it!  The unique smell, along with the sheer size of the Titan Arum and the fact that it blooms once every 12 years or so, has drawn crowds to the Denver and Chicago gardens.  If you're curious to know more, click here and keep an eye on the Chicago Botanic Garden's site over the weekend.  You may even be able to see the Titam Arum bloom live before your very eyes on your computer or phone–minus the awful smell of course!  

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