Literature, World

World Literature introduces students to a wide range of literature from different time periods and cultures. Students study how writers from different backgrounds use similar literary elements and techniques to convey meaning in their short stories, plays, poems and non-fictional works. The aim is for students to appreciate the similarities and differences among the works they read for the course and to learn to analyze literature to enrich their own independent reading.

In completing World Literature students are required to discuss the use of various types of literary elements in the works they have read, compare and contrast literary elements in different works, and identify the rhyme and rhythm schemes of poems. By the end of the course students are asked to analyze short stories from selections that they have read on their own.

There are 8 examinations in World Literature.

Christ (Ed.), The World of Literature, custom-published for the American School by AMSCO School Publications.

This course is available in paper-based and online formats.  Students who take the online version will receive the textbook listed above but not the corresponding study guide.  All self-check tests and unit exams in the online version of this course are done online.