Writing 1

Writing 1 is a full year course intended to improve students’ ability to use written English. In pursuit of this goal, Writing 1 (Units 1-4) combines the teaching of grammar, mechanics and punctuation with a variety of writing assignments involving personal, descriptive, expository and persuasive writing.  In doing so, it exposes students to many examples of good writing, both fiction and non-fiction, by a wide variety of authors to serve as models.  Writing 1 (Units 5-8) expands on the writing skills students have developed in Writing 1 (Units 1-4).  It focuses on writing with coherence and unity as well as proofreading and the revision process.  It aims to expand the student's command of the conventions of standard English in grammar and usage and punctuation, particularly in the use of phrases and clauses.  Like the first half of the course, it provides numerous writing assignments and exposes students to a wide variety of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, of various levels of complexity and style by a wide variety of authors.

There are 8 examinations in Writing 1.

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