Art: Drawing Landscapes

Drawing Landscapes is a half–unit course that covers the basic drawing skills and design principles needed to create realistic outdoor scenes using the medium of graphite pencils. Step-by-step examples show the process of developing a preliminary sketch into a finished drawing. Landscape paintings of master artists are used as examples throughout the course to help students acquire an awareness of existing landscape art and develop skills to analyze and interpret artwork. Students draw different types of landscapes: all natural scenes, a cityscape, and seascapes. The goals are to help students capture through drawing whatever they find interesting in a landscape and to learn to refine and complete an artwork.

Students are supplied with the appropriate drawing pencils and paper to complete the sketches and drawings needed for completion of the subject. These sketches and drawings require students to devote time and effort to mastering the basic drawing skills.

There are 4 examinations in Art: Drawing Landscapes.

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