Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is a comprehensive course in the elements of algebra.  This course stresses an understanding not only of basic algebraic principles and techniques, but also of how to model and solve real-world problems.  Students will study the writing, graphing, and solving of linear equations and inequalities, both individually and in systems; the basics of quadratic, polynomial, and exponential functions and their graphs; and the fundamentals of probability and data analysis.

This course provides students with a variety of study materials to complement the textbook.  The course guidebook offers regular checkpoints for students to test their skills; recommended problems for further practice; and over five hundred additional worked-out solutions.  The course website offers animations, games, and other activities so students can further explore course concepts. 

Students must have access to a graphing calculator for this subject.  Popular among high school and college students are graphing calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments, such as the TI-84+ Silver edition and the TI-nSpire CX as well as the older TI-84+ or TI-83+ in the event you wish to purchase used.  American School is not affiliated with nor endorses these products.  The information is provided here as a courtesy to our students and is not to be construed as an endorsement.

Among the activities students do in completing this subject are applying properties of rational numbers and units to solve problems; creating equations that describe numbers or relationships; representing and solving equations and inequalities graphically; describing and correcting errors; performing arithmetic operations on polynomials; interpreting key features of functions and their graphs; constructing and applying mathematical and graphic models to solve problems; and using the rules of probability to compute theoretical probabilities of events. 

There are 13 examinations in Algebra 1.

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