Algebra 2

Algebra 2 builds on the foundations established in Algebra 1, expanding the student’s understanding of problem-solving and algebraic concepts.  This course is recommended for the college-bound student.  Students will extend their knowledge of quadratic, polynomial, and exponential functions, and then explore logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Other topics include conic sections and their graphs, data analysis and statistics, sequences and series, and trigonometric identities.

Students will graph and interpret key features of functions, construct and apply mathematical and graphical models to solve problems, work with complex numbers, and describe and correct errors. Students will then create and apply statistical models, find specific terms of arithmetic and geometric sequences, and calculate the summation of series. Finally, students will interpret equations of conics, use conics to model events, determine the values of trigonometric functions, and interpret their graphs. 

This course provides students with a variety of study materials to complement the textbook.  The course guidebook offers checkpoints for students to test their skills; recommends problems for further practice; and contains hundreds of worked-out solutions.  The textbook publisher’s course website offers animations, games, and other activities so students can further explore course concepts.

Students must have access to a graphing calculator for this subject.  This graphing calculator must be able to display graphs of functions, find the intersection of functions, and perform regressions among other features.  Current students are encouraged to review the help sheet “Choosing a Calculator for your Math Course” in the American School Online Student Center if they intend to purchase a calculator for this course. 

Completion of Algebra 1 is required. Additionally, completion of or concurrent enrollment in Geometry is strongly recommended.  

There are 10 examinations in Algebra 2.

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