Chemistry (non-lab) (online)

This online Chemistry (non-lab) course addresses in its first semester key concepts and processes from states of matter, atomic theory, organization of the periodic table, types of chemical bonds and reactions, the naming and formulas of chemicals, chemical reactions, and stoichiometry.  The field of chemistry in relation to the scientific method is also explained.  In its second semester, this course also addresses properties of solids, liquids and gases, state changes, solutions, flow of energy, enthalpy, heat, entropy and free energy, rates of reactions, equilibrium, acid-base theories, oxidation and reduction, electromagnetic cells, functional groups, polymerization, biochemicals, and nuclear chemistry.  The course explores concepts through lessons and lab videos.   

This full-unit course is self-contained and does not require a textbook or any additional print materials.

There are 25 graded modules in Chemistry (non-lab) (online).