Physiology and Health

Physiology and Health approaches health education from the perspective of wellness. This means that it aims to provide the basis for wise decisions and choices that promote total physical, mental and social well-being The first half of the course focuses on physical fitness, nutrition, body systems, the life cycle, and mental and emotional health. The second half looks more specifically at issues such as drug abuse, infectious diseases, safety and first aid, violence prevention, healthy relationships and environmental issues related to health.

Among the activities students do in completing this subject are devising a plan to reach one of their goals, interpreting the information on a food label and on a medicine label, discussing ways to resolve a conflict peacefully, and identifying actions that can improve health.

The second semester of this course is Health.

There are 9 examinations in Physiology and Health.

Bronson and Merki, Health, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.

This course is available in paper-based and online formats. Students who take the online version will receive the textbook listed above but not the corresponding study guide. All self-check tests and unit exams in the online version of this course are done online.