Danica McKellar Talks Homeschooling

Long-time blog readers know that Danica McKellar pops up from time to time in this blog.  In a recent People magazine interview, Danica described homeschooling her son, saying, "I’m homeschooling him, so I get to experience all of his little improvements, and I get to see them in real time.”  Danica's son is only 5, but her statement applies to parents of American School students too.  Whether you're new to homeschooling or are a homeschooling veteran, you'll notice those little improvements, and maybe some big improvements too, as your child progresses through his or her American School courses.  We offer those courses in online and paper-based formats, and we do that so that students can learn in the way that is most comfortable to them.  Enroll today and let us help your child or children earn an accredited high school diploma!

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