Flashback Friday

Yesterday we mentioned we hadn't done a Testimonial Thursday in awhile, and that reminded us we hadn't done a Flashback Friday in awhile either.  Today we go back in time to 1957, when the American School News had a big article on the dropout problem in the United States.  Sadly, the dropout problem still exists today, but our Independent Study Program helps students at local public and private high schools graduate on time.  You'll also notice that American School students submitted a record 1,632,472 exams during a 12-month period.  We don't know if that is still a record for students in our Independent Study, General High School and College Preparatory Programs, but we do know that we grade a great number of exams a year in both online and paper-based formats.  Finally, you may notice the picture in the center of the newsletter which featured a group of students who attended a career conference.  Career conferences and college fairs still exist, and we'll post some dates and locations on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but our students can also learn additional information about careers by logging into the Online Student Center, where a treasury of career videos await.  We hope you enjoy these Flashback Fridays as much as we enjoy presenting them to you.  We hope to have another one for you soon.