Flashback Friday

We haven't done a Flashback Friday in quite some time, and this week's Annual Meeting got us thinking about the last time American School chose a new President.  That was back at the 2005 Annual Meeting, and so we've included a page from an All American newsletter which recaps the events of that day.  You'll notice that we did a lot more than select Gary R. Masterton to replace William H. Hunding as President.  It's always been that way with American School.  We're always moving and always striving to improve ourselves so that our students can improve themselves too.  Back in 2005, we didn't have an online student center where students, parents and school officials can monitor student progress.  We didn't have online high school courses or online middle school courses.  We didn't have online exams for most of our high school correspondence courses.  We have all of those things now and more.  What's in store for American School as we transition from Gary R. Masterton to Tim Pivarnik?  Keep checking this blog and our Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out!