Flashback Friday

Our periodic Flashback Friday feature has returned, and this time we're going back 30 years ago this month to the May 1984 All American.  Normally we just reprint the front page of a vintage newsletter, but this time we're showing parts of three pages.  On the front page you'll see two former American School Presidents, William Wright and William Hunding, at the National Home Study Council Conference in Honolulu.  The National Home Study Council evolved into the Distance Education and Training Council, of which the American School was a founding member.  On the other side of the front page you'll read a bit about the Sociology course we introduced in 1984.  Today we offer that course in paper-based and online formats.  


On the other pages you'll read about one of our English instructors and about three students who were doing exceptional things in 1984.  One hoped to become a chiropractor, one was a semifinalist in the Miss Maine Teen USA Pageant and the third was an up-and-coming tennis star who went on to have success in major tournaments.  You'll read about some of today's talented American School students in the May-June All American, which is in the final stages of production will be available on our Community page in a few weeks.


Finally, on this last page you'll notice a picture from the American Association for Counseling and Development Convention which was held in Houston in March 1984.  Even though the picture isn't the best quality, we thought you may get a kick out of seeing what our display looked like back then.  If you visit us at a convention this year, you'll see that our display has changed quite a bit, but our goal remains the same: to offer people the accredited high school courses they need at a cost they can afford.