General High School Program

American School’s General High School Program is designed for students who plan to earn their high school diplomas and then enroll in a two-year college or enter the workforce in the field of their choice.  Students complete a total of 20 units of credit in the following subject areas:

English: 4 units of credit

Math: 3 units of credit

Science: 2 units of credit

Social Studies: 2 units of credit

Consumer Education: .50 units of credit

Government: .50 units of credit

Health: .50 units of credit

Art, Music, Foreign Language or Vocational Education: 1 unit of credit

Electives: 6.5 units of credit

One year of math must be Algebra 1, and one year must be a course with Geometry material.  In addition, students who reside in the state of Illinois must complete Consumer Economics and the United States/Illinois Constitution exam in accordance with state law.

When you are ready to enroll in the General High School Program or the College Preparatory Program, you can begin the enrollment process here.  You’ll feel confident knowing your student is taking interesting and affordable courses while earning an accredited diploma through one of the long-time leaders in distance education, American School.