Introducing Method Test Prep Monday

If you're a regular blog reader, you know that many times on Thursdays we offer a testimonial from one of our students and mark each of those posts as Testimonial Thursday.  Today we are starting a similar feature thanks to our partnership with Method Test Prep, a leader in online ACT and SAT prep courses for more than a decade, and each of these periodic posts will be called Method Test Prep Monday.  In these blog posts, you'll learn things such as the average ACT and SAT scores for colleges and universities, how to use ACT and SAT prep course study guides, and how doing well on the ACT and SAT can improve your financial aid situation.  We'll have another Method Test Prep Monday soon, but for now we encourage you to visit our ACT-SAT prep page to learn more about Method Test Prep's offerings and to enroll in the course or courses that best suit your needs.