ISCA Scholarship Opportunity

Today's blog contains information about a scholarship from the Illinois School Counselor Association.  Click here to view the scholarship application and read about eligibility requirements.  The deadline for this scholarship is February 7.  We try to inform our students of scholarship opportunities, but it is impossible for us to list all of them.  We encourage students in our general high school program or college preparatory program who are about to earn a high school diploma at home to investigate scholarship opportunities in their community.  Shortly we will inform our students who graduated in 2019 if they are eligible to participate in our 2020 scholarship competition this spring.  As a reminder, American School scholarships are for graduates to continue their education at an accredited college or university of their choice.  Other scholarships from other organizations may have different rules, but at this time American School only gives scholarships for graduates attending college.  We do not offer financial aid to current students in our accredited high school program or accredited middle school program.  Thank you for your cooperation, and please remember to check this blog often for scholarship opportunities and other important news.