Last Day to Enroll in AP Courses

Today's blog is a reminder that today is the last day to enroll in Advanced Placement Courses for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Students normally can enroll in any of our courses at any time, but AP courses are different.  That's because students in AP courses can take AP exams offered in the spring and need ample time to learn the material on those exams.  These online high school courses are more rigorous than most high school courses, but they might make a great addition to your accredited high school diploma program if you plan to earn a high school diploma at home with American School.  They can also be taken as part of an independent study high school program if you plan to get your diploma from another school.  Either way, visit here for more information about our AP courses and begin the enrollment process today if you plan to take any of them in 2020-2021.  We look forward to serving you!