National Spelling Bee Held Near Washington, D.C.

Earlier this week we said this blog would be buzzing with bees, and today's entry is another example.  The National Spelling Bee is being held in National Harbor, Maryland, all week long, and the competition will draw to a close today with semifinals this afternoon and a live broadcast of the finals tonight on ESPN.  If you watch the bee, you'll probably be amazed at how well students spell such complicated and unfamiliar words, but if you watch and listen closely, you'll see and hear them ask for the word's language of origin, its part of speech and how it is used in a sentence, all of which can be help them spell the word correctly.  We teach those techniques and more in our Spelling course, and while we can't guarantee that you'll become a champion speller, we can guarantee that you'll become a better speller and "bee" one step closer to earning your accredited high school diploma.