New Pre-Algebra Course Available

American School is pleased to announce that a new paper-based Pre-Algebra course is now available.  The course is perfect for students in our accredited middle school program if they are on an accelerated math track, and it is also acceptable for students in our accredited high school program who might need additional time to prepare for algebra and geometry courses.  No matter your math track, many of the concepts can be utilized in a variety of professions such as construction, music, scientific research, education, business, engineering, cooking, architecture, and medicine.  Please note that a calculator with a square root key is required for this course, and, like all of our math courses, students will need to show work on their exams.  We are happy to add Pre-Algebra to our middle school correspondence courses and high school correspondence courses, but we would be happier if you or someone you know became our student.  Get started by enrolling today!