Notice to Biology Lab Students

The American School has been notified by our supplier that they will no longer ship live product such as mealworms and chlorella (algae) cultures that are a part of the Biology Lab course to students living in Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories.  You must locate these items on your own.  We have found that mealworms and algae are usually available in local pet stores or bait shops at a very minimal cost.  Additionally, in place of the mealworm, you may also use any invertebrate animal that is found naturally in your environment, such as an earthworm from your backyard garden.  For more information about substituting locally-found items for the mealworm and chlorella cultures, please contact the American School's Science Department via the email address listed in the Online Student Center.  For other questions related to this matter, please contact the Student Service Department at the email address listed in the Online Student Center.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.