Online Exams Available in Two Courses

American School is pleased to announce that online exams are now available in Metalworking and Housing and Interior Design.  Whenever we add to our list of high school correspondence courses, we try to make online exams available as quickly as possible.  Some students like learning with textbooks and study guides but like the convenience of doing and submitting their exams online, and so we do our best to make that happen for them.  In these uncertain times, remember that we have online exams available for most of our paper-based high school courses, and we also have an impressive array of online middle school courses and online high school courses should you choose to work entirely online.  Enroll today if you're a prospective student or contact our student service department if you are a current student and wish to make changes to your curriculum.  Either way, thank you for making us your school of choice.  We are happy to serve you and wish you continued good health.