Reminder About E-mail Addresses

This is a fitting time of year to remind you about the importance of having an e-mail address attached to your Online Student Center account.  It is the responsibliity of the student or guarantor, not the American School, to add e-mail addresses to the Online Student Center.  When you receive your code and password letter in the mail, follow the instructions in the letter and log into the site.  On the main menu of the Online Student Center, you'll see a link that allows you to add or change your e-mail address and/or password.  Click on the link and enter your e-mail address.  Then scroll down and hit the save changes button and your e-mail will be saved in our system.  You do not have to change your password when you give us your e-mail address.  When you give us your e-mail address, you'll receive grade notification e-mails (if the e-mail was added after logging in as a student) and have the ability to retrieve your password should you forget it.  If you do not give us an e-mail address, you won't receive grade notification e-mails, and you won't be able to retrieve your password via e-mail.  The only way we can send you your password in that case is through the regular mail.  Because e-mails are used to retrieve passwords, e-mail addresses can only be used once.  That means the same e-mail address cannot be used for the student and guarantor log-ins for a particular student, nor can the same e-mail address be used by guarantors of multiple students.  Finally, we have taken steps to make our internal e-mail system more efficient.  Please make sure the e-mail address you provide us is accurate.  If you have given us an e-mail address but our e-mails bounce back to us when we try to send you notifications, your e-mail address may be removed from your Online Student Center account.  Thank you for your cooperation and for allowing us to provide you with the most efficient service possible.