Six Flags Great America Homeschool Days

Six Flags Great America between Chicago and Milwaukee is hosting Homeschool Days from August 19-23, complete with curriculum for homeschoolers to complete as they ride roller coasters, log rides and much more.  We realize that not all of you live near Chicago or Milwaukee, but we wanted to mention this event because there may be similar ones at an amusement park near you.  Homeschool days are not exclusive to amusement parks either.  Sports teams, theaters, museums and other attractions might have special events set aside for homeschoolers, so check around your community and see if there is anything happening that may interest you.  We appreciate that you are taking accredited high school courses with us or are enrolled in our accredited middle school program, and we are always happy to share events and ideas that may bring you some fun and enhance your education as you work to earn a high school diploma at home.