Speak Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The Speak Up National Research project annually polls K-12 students, parents and educators about the role of technology for learning in and out of school and represents the largest collection of authentic, unfiltered stakeholder voice on digital learning.  As we continue to add more online learning offerings to our curriculum, your opinions are more important than ever before. We invite you to complete the survey before December 19, 2014, by going to www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2014.  When you’re on that site, you’ll see buttons representing your current role in education. Students should click the large green button, while parents are invited to click the smaller light blue button.  Once you have clicked the appropriate button, you should search for American School by entering our state, Illinois, or by entering our zip code, 60438. If you select state first, you will have to enter our name or town later. Either way, American School eventually will appear on your screen. After it does, select us from the school list and move on to the next screen.  When a screen asks for your grade, select grades 9-12, and when a screen asks you for a secret word, enter American exactly as it is typed in this article, with the A capitalized and the rest of the word in lowercase. Then you’ll have access to the survey.  The entire survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Please know that we value your opinion and look forward to receiving survey results in February 2015.  Just as important, please know also that no personal data will be collected during the survey, so feel free to be completely honest. Your input will help us create a better school not only for you but for future American School students and graduates.

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