State of Illinois Celebrates Bicentennial

It's December 3, and our home state of Illinois is celebrating 200 years of statehood today.  As Illinois celebrates its bicentennial, we are proud to say that we've been an Illinois business for more than half of that time.  We were founded in Massachusetts in 1897 but moved to Illinois in the early 1900s.  We've stayed here ever since.  In that time, we've served more than three million students through our accredited high school courses and print or online middle school courses.  Some of them wanted to earn a high school diploma at home, while others enrolled as part of a high school independent study program that resulted in them earning a diploma from a resident school.  We're proud to serve students in all 50 states and more than 65 countries around the world while being a proud Illinois business at the same time.  No matter where you live, we invite you to enroll today!