Student Service Department Update

It's February 19, and we're back after the holiday weekend.  We took advantage of yesterday's holiday and welcomed crews to clean carpeting on the first floor where the Student Service department is located.  This was much needed, and we wanted to clean the carpet on a day where no employees were here, so as not to disrupt productivity and service to our students across the country and around the world.  In preparation for the carpet cleaning crews to come in and clean, Student Service employees had to clear the area around their desks.  Now that the carpet has been cleaned, Student Service employees are taking some time to put their areas back together again.  There may be a slight delay in replying to emails and phone calls about your accredited middle school program and accredited high school program,  but we are replying as quickly as possible and should be caught up by tomorrow.  Thank you for understanding and for making us your distance education high school and middle school.