Students, Hold Onto Your Books!

The American School is proud to include books, study guides, examination books and (for some courses) supplemental materials, in the cost of tuition.  These books, study guides and other materials are yours and only yours to use throughout the course and are often good reference items to keep after you have completed the course.  Even if you decide not to keep the course materials after you complete the course, it is very important to keep all books, study guides and other course materials until you have received confirmation from us that you have passed all unit examinations.  The easiest way to know if you have completed all the unit examinations in a course is by checking the Online Student Center.  If you have completed a course, your final grade will appear in bold with the word Final beneath it.  You will also see (Complete) beneath the name of the course.  If you do not see both of these designations, you have not completed the course, and you will need your books and other study materials to help you successfully pass the course.  When you have successfully completed the course, you may keep or discard your books and study materials as you see fit, but please do not send them back to the American School.  Thank you for your cooperation and for allowing us to help you earn your high school diploma.