Testimonial Thursday

Today we have a testimonial from Ashley from Oklahoma.  She writes, "I loved this course.  I understood everything really well, even better than when I was in public school.  I recommend this school for anyone.  You can learn at your own speed and can really understand everything."  We thank Ashley for those words.  Our accredited high school courses online and in print are designed to allow students to work entirely at their own pace.  Millions of people have decided to earn a high school diploma at home in this way because working at your own pace makes them comfortable and gives them an outstanding opportunity to do their best work.  Even though you're in a classroom of one, you're never alone.  Our instructors are available to help you via phone, email or letter.  Make us your distance education high school or middle school and enroll today! 

Today’s Birthday: John Hancock

It's January 23, and originally we weren't going to have a blog post today, but plans changed and so here we are.  American statesman John Hancock was born on this date in 1737.  You've probably seen his signature many times because it's by far the largest one on the Declaration of Independence.  The birthday of the man with perhaps the most famous signature in American history is a good time to remind you to put your name and student number on every page of every exam you send us, whether it's a high school correspondence class or a middle school correspondence class.  Thousands of exams come into our building every day, and we want to make sure the exams you send us for your high school correspondence courses or middle school correspondence courses stay together and don't get lost.  Following the completion of all of your accredited high school courses online or on paper, we look forward to putting your name and our signature on your transcript and/or diploma!      

Today’s Birthday: Shannon Lucid

It's January 14, and scientist and astronaut Shannon Lucid is celebrating a birthday today.  She is notable for many reasons, not the least of which is that she once held the American record for the longest period of time living in outer space.  We wanted to feature her today because she is a great example of a woman having a career in science.  Enrolling in our accredited middle school program will give you a solid foundation for high school.  When you're ready to begin ninth grade, our accredited high school courses online and in print can help you reach for the stars and get there.  Along the way, our entire staff will serve as "mission control" and assist you in any way we can while you work toward your correspondence or online high school diploma.  We encourage everyone to aim high and are happy to support you as you strive for your educational and career goals!

Today’s Special Occasion: Boss’s Day

It's October 16, and today is Boss's Day.  Like any company, we have a hierarchy and several supervisors here, but we are not the boss when it comes to your education.  That's because we let students and their parents be in control.  They can pick the accredited online middle school courses or accredited high school courses online that are best for the student if the student wishes to study online, or pick the middle school and high school correspondence courses for the student if the student wishes to study on paper.  Moreover, students design their own study schedule and decide which subjects to study at which time.  Our online courses have pacing guides, but ultimately the student is the boss of how quickly he or she moves through a course.  Over the years we've asked hundreds of students what they like best about studying with us, and most of them say it's the ability to work at their own pace.  In other words, it's the ability to be their own boss, not falling behind in a classroom that's moving too quickly or not dragging their feet waiting for the classroom to catch up.  Be your own boss and enroll with us today! 

American School U.S. Open Memory: Mary Pierce

Today we continue our series of U.S. Open memories with American School graduate Mary Pierce.  Mary won the Australian Open in 1995 and the French Open in 2000 and attempted to add the U.S. Open championship to her resume in 2005.  On her way to the final she defeated three higher-seeded players before falling to Kim Clijsters 6-3, 6-1 in the championship match.  Mary is one of three American School students to have reached the championship match at the U.S. Open, and tomorrow we'll share a memory about another of them.  In the meantime, take a look around our web site and discover our accredited high school courses online and in print.  We're also proud to offer an accredited middle school program consisting of print and online middle school courses.  Whatever your situation, we have the accredited courses you need at a cost you can afford.  Enroll today!   

American School Earns ISBE Recognition

American School is proud to earn recognition once again from the Illinois State Board of Education.  Recently you read about the accreditation visit from AI, MSA-CESS and NCPSA which allowed us to continue to offer accredited high school courses online and on paper and an accredited middle school program which now consists of online middle school courses and print middle school courses.  The ISBE recognition is also very important to us.  Together these accreditations and recognitions give us credibility and should give you comfort as you look for a trustworthy, high-quality distance education high school or middle school for yourself or someone you know.   


American School Accreditation Review

It's August 6, and, as promised, our blog is back.  We spent last week with an accreditation team who flew in from various parts of the country to review everything about us.  The team visited with instructors who grade accredited high school courses online and accredited high school courses on paper.  They met with those who create our online middle school courses and paper-based middle school courses.  They visited with customer service, shipping and accounting staff who are committed to making us the best distance education high school and middle school possible.  At the end of the visit, the team gave us several commendations on the good work we're already doing as well as several recommendations for how we can make our school even better.  We won't know our final accreditation status for several weeks, but American School leadership is confident and hopeful that we will once again receive accreditation.  Keep checking this blog for the official word!       

American School Welcomes Accreditation Team

The week of July 30-August 3, American School is proud to welcome an accreditation team to our building for our 5-year review.  We were the first distance learning school to be regionally accredited, so obviously our accreditation is something we take very seriously.  It is our honor to offer our students accredited high school courses on paper, accredited high school courses online and accredited middle school courses because doing so ensures that our courses and our high school diploma have the same merit and value as those offered by traditional schools.  Accreditation visits are a great time to review what has happened since the last accreditation visit and to listen and receive ideas for how we can become an even better school.  Because we need time to prepare for the visit and be available to accreditation team members during the visit itself, this blog will be on vacation until Monday, August 6.  We appreciate your understanding and value your readership, and we look forward to sharing good news about what is happening here at the American School when we return in a couple weeks.

2018 Scholarship Winners: Part 5

As we near the end of our series of blogs profiling this year's scholarship winners, the students' resumes and stories are no less impressive.  We're so grateful that they decided to earn a high school diploma at home by taking our accredited high school courses online or on paper!


All signs point to Hannah from Arkansas having a successful career as a sign language interpreter.  She is taking classes at North Arkansas College and eventually plans to earn a degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

“UALR is the best college in Arkansas for my intended major,” Hannah wrote.  “I know there is a severe lack of qualified interpreters so I hope to become certified myself and reduce the demand for the service.”

Having deaf family members is a prime motivation for Hannah’s chosen career path, but she has other interests as well, including hiking, reading and volunteering at her local humane society.


Chelsea from Texas hasn’t always had the easiest life, but those difficult experiences have shaped her into the person she is today.  She is studying medical billing and coding at Northwest Technical College while working full-time and caring for a family member.

“On my own accord, I asked my mother to withdraw me from public school and enroll me into homeschool,” Chelsea wrote.  “Due to all of the struggles that I’ve gone through, I have become a strong person.”

As someone particularly interested in helping people, Chelsea enjoys spending time with members of her church congregation along with the sick and elderly.  She also enjoys reading and cooking.


Leah from Georgia is studying biology at Thomas Edison State University and eventually plans to attend medical school in her home state of Georgia.  She credits American School for helping her attend college a year earlier than her peers.

“I decided to become an American School student because of the program’s flexibility,” Leah wrote.  “I have always enjoyed learning at my own pace, and American School was an excellent way for me to do that.”

After completing her education, Leah is interested in a career in neurology due to personal experiences and a willingness to help others.  She enjoys playing the violin, dancing and crocheting in her free time.


Testimonial Thursday

This week's Testimonial Thursday comes from Noe from North Carolina, who writes, "The Careers course was great.  It had super content material and was up-to-date and accurate.  The content helped me really make up my mind about my interests, career goals and pathway.  I followed through with over $60,000 in scholarships from the military.  The textbook was just the right size, and the study guides were well-matched for mastering the material.  Thanks!"  We thank Noe for those words.  The Careers course and other accredited high school courses online and on paper help prepare students for whatever they want to do after they earn an accredited online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma.  We're happy to have helped Noe and more than three million students graduate and want you to be next.  Enroll today!