Today’s Special Occasion: Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day set aside for giving back during the holiday season.  This blog will not ask for your money, but it will remind you that American School is a non-profit institution.  That means that we put students’ educations above everything, including financial gain.  We keep the cost of our accredited high school program and accredited middle school program to a minimum without sacrificing the quality of our accredited high school courses and accredited online middle school courses.  Give yourself or someone you know a great education by enrolling today!

Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday, the day that online retailers often give great deals to their customers.  The best deal you can give yourself today is to become an American School student.  Studies have shown that people who earn an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma make more money in their careers than people who did not complete an accredited high school program.  We offer a high school diploma online for adults or children as well as a diploma comprised of high school correspondence courses.  We also offer academic and dollar credit for courses completed at other accredited schools and provide excellent service to our students.  Make this Cyber Monday one to remember by enrolling and becoming our student!

American School Releases New Introduction to Computers Course

American School is pleased to release a new Introduction to Computers course.  The course can be a great addition to your accredited high school program and may be taken as part of our general high school program or college preparatory program.  The course is also available through our independent study high school program.  If you're interested in computers or becoming certified in the fields mentioned in the course description linked above, we invite you to enroll today.  We'd be happy to have you as our student!   

Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend

Today's blog is a reminder that Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend.  You'll want to turn your clock back Saturday night before you go to bed and enjoy an extra hour of sleep.  If you haven't finished high school yet, you can turn back the clock and enroll with us.  We offer a general high school program for those who wish to join the workforce or attend a community college and a college preparatory program for those who wish to attend a four-year university after completing their accredited high school program.  You'll feel comfortable taking courses from a leading distance education high school, and our flexible schedule allows you to study any hour of the day or night, even during the extra hour you get this weekend!

American School Debuts New Online Business Math Course

American School is proud to release a new online Business Math course.  It's a great addition to our list of online high school courses, and completing it can give you one unit of credit toward finishing your accredited high school program and earning and online high school diploma.  We plan to offer additional courses and an expanded accredited middle school program in the coming months.  Keep checking this blog often starting Monday when it returns with a new post. 


American School Welcomes Board of Trustees

Today American School is happy to welcome our Board of Trustees to our offices for its annual fall meeting.  Our Trustees have many decades of experience in education, both with a distance education high school and middle school such as American School and also with traditional schools across the country.  Their expertise helps us to improve our accredited high school program and accredited middle school program and provide our students with outstanding curriculum at an affordable cost.  We are grateful to our Board of Trustees and are confident our students and graduates share our gratitude. 

Today’s Anniversary: Sputnik

It's October 4, and 60 years ago today, Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth, was launched.  If you're ready to lift off and reach new heights as a middle school or high school student, today would be a great day to enroll.  We offer an accredited middle school program and accredited high school program to suit every need.   Enroll in our college preparatory program if you plan on attending a four-year college or our general high school program if you plan on attending a community college and/or joining the workforce after graduation.  You can even enroll in our independent study high school program to recover credits from a local public or private high school.  No matter which you choose, we're confident you'll have an out of this world experience as our student!      

Last Chance for AP Courses

Today's blog, the last until next week, is a reminder that enrollment in our AP courses ends on Friday, September 29.  Adding these special online high school courses in biology, language and composition, calculus, United States government and politics and United States history would enhance your accredited high school program and could lead to you receiving college credit.  Please click on the link above, read the information carefully and contact us if you wish to enroll.  AP courses help make us an even better distance education high school, but even though enrollment ends this week, we're not going to stop making changes and improvements to serve you better.  Stay tuned!  

AP Course Enrollment Continues This Week

Today's blog is a reminder that enrollment in our AP courses continues this week.  This will be the last week students can enroll in these online high school courses for this academic year.  So far we are pleased with the number of students who have added these courses to their accredited high school program, but there's always room for more.  Click the link above for more information.  We believe AP courses make us an even better distance education high school and we hope you do as well! 

Caroline Wozniacki Wins Pan Pacific Open

American School student Caroline Wozniacki won her first WTA title of the year with a 6-0, 7-5 win over Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.  Click here to read all about her second straight win and third overall at the annual event in Tokyo.  We're happy to have Caroline as a student in our accredited high school program.  It consists of accredited online high school courses or high school correspondence courses and is the best value in distance education.  If you want to become one of our students, we invite you to enroll today!