Today’s Birthday: Thomas Edison

It's February 11, and inventor Thomas Edison was born on this date in 1847.  A list of all of his inventions would make for the longest blog post ever, but today we're just going to focus on the light bulb.  A light bulb is often a symbol for a good idea or a brainstorm, and it's a good idea for you to become our student.  Our students work at their own pace in accredited online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses and middle school correspondence courses.  As our student, you'll work when and where it is convenient for you, but you can always contact us for assistance.  Depending what your needs are, you may wind up graduating more quickly than your classmates, but no matter your circumstances, we're convinced that you'll think taking American School classes is a bright idea.  Why not get started today?   

Celebrating Computer Science Education Week

We're in the middle of Computer Science Education Week, and so today's blog is a reminder that we offer courses that can improve your computer skills.  Ideally we'd love to offer accredited online high school courses and accredited high school correspondence courses that focus on computers, but certain computer courses are difficult to complete on paper.  One almost has to use a computer to complete them, so that is why certain courses are only available online.  If you are interested in becoming more tech-savvy, we recommend you take these courses individually as part of a high school independent study program or as part of a program that leads to a paper-based or online high school diploma.  Enroll today to get started!   

Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's November 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving and the day traditionally known as Cyber Monday.  Today's blog will highlight some of the online resources we have for our students.  We have a solid lineup of quality online middle school courses and online high school courses.  Included in those accredited online high school courses are world language courses powered by Rosetta Stone.  In addition, we have online exams available in many of our print courses.  Even if you don't take any online classes or exams, you can still log into our Online Student Center to view your grades and receive additional assistance.  Finally, if you don't want to take online courses, online exams or even use the Online Student Center, you're on our web site right now reading this blog, and elsewhere on our site you can enroll and become our student.  Take advantage of our cyber resources if you wish.  They are another way we are pleased to provide service to our students!

Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and so we're back with another testimonial from one of our students.  Qualsiz from Michigan writes, "The American School’s courses have the best explanations.  Everything I had a question on, the answer was somewhere in the book.  I was always able to go back and check.  I had such a good learning experience with the American School."  We thank Qualsiz for those words.  We strive to find the best study materials for our accredited online high school courses and high school correspondence courses.  We do the same for our online middle school courses and middle school correspondence courses.  Our courses are straight-forward with no trick questions, and students are able to refer to their study materials while they work on their courses.  To experience our outstanding curriculum for yourself, we invite you to enroll today!

2018 Convention #1: WSCA

We're headed to the first convention of 2018 next week when we exhibit at the WSCA Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.  This event for Wisconsin school counselors gives us the opportunity to showcase our high school independent study program that students may use for credit recovery.  Students can choose from accredited online high school courses or accredited high school correspondence courses and ultimately graduate on time with their classes.  Counselors may visit us at table 37 at the Monona Terrace on February 20 from 4-6 p.m., February 21 from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m., and February 22 from 7:30 a.m.-11 a.m.  We've always enjoyed visiting the Badger State and know this year will be no different.  We look forward to seeing you there!

American School at 120 (Part 4)

As American School has evolved over the years to offer accredited online high school courses and online middle school courses to go along with its existing high school correspondence courses, we should recognize certain American School employees who had large roles in making that evolution possible.  Earlier this week we discussed R.T. Miller.  He led American School until 1945, when James McKinney became president.  He was followed by C.M. Elliott, W.K. Lasher, William Wright, William Hunding and Gary Masterton.  When Gary retired earlier this year, Valerie Riley became the first woman to serve as president, though she is not the first woman to have had an enormous impact on the American School.  Mary McKeown (pictured below) served the American School in some capacity for 75 years, starting as an instructor and working her way up to become principal, educational director and trustee.  Roberta Allen was guidance counselor, curriculum director and remains a trustee to this day.  She is joined on the board of trustees by John Kemp, Leslie Ballard, Gary Masterton, John McCulley and Cher Tufly.  Together the trustees are responsible for the American School.  Those of us who work here are grateful to them and all American School employees past and present who perform good work to serve our students. 

Today’s Anniversary: PBS

It's October 5, and on this date in 1970, the Public Broadcasting Service, better known as PBS, began operations.  PBS airs educational programming for people of all ages, starting with shows like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Sesame Street and continuing with such things as documentaries on science, history and more.  Our accredited online high school courses and high school correspondence courses can teach you many things, but PBS is one of many places to go if you're looking for more information about a specific subject or topic.    

Caroline Wozniacki Wins Pan Pacific Open

American School student Caroline Wozniacki won her first WTA title of the year with a 6-0, 7-5 win over Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.  Click here to read all about her second straight win and third overall at the annual event in Tokyo.  We're happy to have Caroline as a student in our accredited high school program.  It consists of accredited online high school courses or high school correspondence courses and is the best value in distance education.  If you want to become one of our students, we invite you to enroll today!

Major Announcement Coming Monday

Need a reason to look forward to Monday?  We're happy to oblige.  Be sure to check this blog Monday morning for a major announcement for students in our accredited high school program or who are interested in taking accredited online high school courses as part of an independent study high school program.  We're excited to offer new courses and services for you, and we hope you'll be as excited about them as we are!

Today’s Anniversary: Helium

It's August 18, and French scientist Pierre Jules Janseen discovered helium on this date in 1868.  You can learn more about this element by taking some of our science courses.  They're available as accredited online high school courses or accredited high school correspondence courses.  Take them individually through our independent study high school program, or take them as part of our correspondence or online high school diploma program.  Either way, we look forward to you blowing up balloons with helium to celebrate graduating from high school!