Today’s Birthday: Sir Isaac Newton

It's January 4, and Sir Isaac Newton was born on this date in 1643.  He was a philosopher and mathematician but is perhaps best known as a physicist.  American School is proud to offer a paper-based Physics course and an online Physics course where you can learn about Newton's work with gravity and much more.  These courses would be a great addition to your college preparatory program or independent study high school program, but please note that each course has its own prerequisites.  Some of our courses have prerequisites because they are more advanced.  We want to make sure you are in a good position to succeed in these courses, which is why we have prerequisites in place before students can enroll in them.  We're one of the distance education high schools which care about students' welfare, and we look forward to having you as our student after you complete the enrollment process.  

American School at 120 (Part 5)

As we conclude our look at 120 years of American School history in advance of our 120th anniversary this coming Sunday, December 17, we can't help but thank the most important people in the last 12 decades–our students.  Whether they complete a general high school or college preparatory program or enroll in our correspondence or online high school diploma program or enroll in our independent study programs, we're happy to have them as our students.  We strive to offer the best educational experience possible, and we have exciting things planned as we head into our next decade.  Soon we'll have paper-based middle school courses, a new web site, and new academic programs.  We're proud of our past and ready for a bright future.  To be a part of one of the oldest and best distance learning schools, enroll today.  We'd be proud to have you as our student and prepare you for a bright future of your own. 

American School Releases New Introduction to Computers Course

American School is pleased to release a new Introduction to Computers course.  The course can be a great addition to your accredited high school program and may be taken as part of our general high school program or college preparatory program.  The course is also available through our independent study high school program.  If you're interested in computers or becoming certified in the fields mentioned in the course description linked above, we invite you to enroll today.  We'd be happy to have you as our student!   

Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend

Today's blog is a reminder that Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend.  You'll want to turn your clock back Saturday night before you go to bed and enjoy an extra hour of sleep.  If you haven't finished high school yet, you can turn back the clock and enroll with us.  We offer a general high school program for those who wish to join the workforce or attend a community college and a college preparatory program for those who wish to attend a four-year university after completing their accredited high school program.  You'll feel comfortable taking courses from a leading distance education high school, and our flexible schedule allows you to study any hour of the day or night, even during the extra hour you get this weekend!

Kind Words from a Recent Graduate

Recently we received the following email from a student who recently completed our college preparatory program and earned a correspondence high school diploma.  "Hello, I noticed my exams are all graded since yesterday and finally completed AS.  Aside from this probably being the last email I send and just wanted to thank AS school all together, instructors/student dept staff/President office, etc for all those wonderful years and support-and what I learned (which I wouldn't had been able to with the traditional HS). I'm very proud of having AS as the HS I graduated for the rest of my life."  We are very grateful for those words and proud to count this student among our many graduates who chose to earn a high school diploma at home.  The same can happen to you if you choose to enroll today.

Today’s Special Occasion: Uranus in Opposition

It's October 19, and tonight the planet Uranus will be in opposition.  That means Earth in its orbit is exactly in between Uranus in its orbit and the main start of our solar system, the Sun.  In practical terms, Uranus in opposition means that you could see Uranus in the sky with the naked eye.  It'll look blue or green and be in the southeast sky.  Using binoculars or a telescope to view Uranus would enhance your experience, and taking our online Astronomy course would enhance your education.  We offer a wide variety of online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  Take them as part of a general high school or college preparatory program and earn a high school diploma at home, or take them individually for enrichment or credit recovery.  We look forward to helping you become a star after you enroll with us! 

NACAC Hosts Chicago National College Fair

The National Assocation for College Admission Counseling will host the Chicago National College Fair this Saturday, October 14, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in McCormick Place's Hall C1-North Building.  Students who earn a high school diploma at home with American School often go on to attend many prestigious schools, but sometimes finding the right school can be challenging.  The NACAC College Fair is a great opportunity for students in our college preparatory program to meet with representatives from colleges and universities across the country and find the school that is best for them.  We encourage our students to attend this event or a similar college fair in a town near you. 

Today’s Anniversary: Sputnik

It's October 4, and 60 years ago today, Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth, was launched.  If you're ready to lift off and reach new heights as a middle school or high school student, today would be a great day to enroll.  We offer an accredited middle school program and accredited high school program to suit every need.   Enroll in our college preparatory program if you plan on attending a four-year college or our general high school program if you plan on attending a community college and/or joining the workforce after graduation.  You can even enroll in our independent study high school program to recover credits from a local public or private high school.  No matter which you choose, we're confident you'll have an out of this world experience as our student!      

AP Courses Still Open

Today's blog is a reminder that you can enroll in our new AP courses through September 29.  We are proud to offer these online high school courses to those in our college preparatory program or independent study high school program.  We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to challenge yourself and learn in a new way and possibly earn college credit in the process.  Email us for more information or to enroll, and check back here Thursday for our next blog post.

Today’s Birthday: Alexander Calder

It's August 22, and artist Alexander Calder was born on this date in 1898.  If you've ever seen a mobile, you have Alexander Calder to thank.  He is credited with inventing that form of art.  Just like mobiles can have many different shapes and appearances, your American School curriculum can have a style that is uniquely yours.  Choose from our general high school or college preparatory program if you want to earn a high school diploma at home.  You'll take required online high school courses or high school correspondence courses but have plenty of room for electives of your choice.  The possibilities are endless, and your possibilities for a career will be endless too after you graduate and receive your American School diploma!