American School Sends Bulk Mailing

American School is always looking for ways to reach people who might be interested in our accredited high school courses and accredited middle school courses.  Recently we did a bulk mailing to school counselors in all 50 states to introduce, or in some cases reintroduce, ourselves to them.  The mailing contained information about our independent study high school program which is helpful for students who need to recover credits in order to graduate with their class.  It also mentioned that American School can serve the potential dropout by giving him or her the chance to earn a high school diploma at home at an affordable cost.  In total more than 120,000 counselors, including counselors who currently use us, received this mailing.  While we are unsure if we will send similar mailings in the future, it is our hope that the counselors who received this mailing will consider allowing us to serve their students in 2020 and beyond. 

Winter Begins Tomorrow

It's December 20, and winter officially begins tomorrow.  It's the season most associated with cold, snow and ice, and so why not stay inside where it is warm and work on some American School courses?  Our accredited middle school program consists of 5 units of credit per year in grades 6, 7 and 8.  Each year contains one course in English, math, science and social studies, plus an elective.  If you're already completed middle school, you might be interested in our accredited high school program.  It also consists of 5 units of credit per year, and you'll have the flexibility to pick your own courses in either our general high school program or college preparatory program.  It is a great way to earn a high school diploma at home, but if you only want to take one or two courses, you may take individual courses in grades 6-12 as well.  All the information you need to get started is on our enrollment page, so check it out and get started today.  If you do, you could have a course or two complete by the first day of spring in March!

Today’s Anniversary: Mississippi

It's December 10, and Mississippi became a state on this date in 1817.  Today's blog kicks off three days of blogs about state anniversaries, and we're doing so by featuring a state we've never visited for a convention.  When we think about which conventions to attend in a particular year, we take a lot of things into consideration.  We want to go to shows where plenty of children want to earn a high school diploma at home.  Sometimes we attend shows for guidance counselors in which we will feature our independent study high school program instead.  We try to go to all corners of the country, although some regions do not host conventions or we are unable to attend for logistical reasons.  In total, we attend about 25 shows a year, and although none have been in Mississippi, it doesn't mean we haven't tried to attend a show there, and it doesn't mean we've never met our Mississippi students in person.  Perhaps we've seen them at other shows in the southeast or have met their counselors at a school counseling show.  We want to reach as many students as possible because we believe our accredited high school program and accredited middle school program are second to none.  We look forward to seeing students past, present and future when we return to the road in early 2020! 

Today’s Anniversary: Burger King

It's December 4, and the very first Burger King opened in Miami on this date in 1954.  Burger King's most famous sandwich is the Whopper, but sometimes the word whopper can have negative connotations.  That's because one definition of a whopper is a lie.  Here at American School, we take our credibility very seriously.  Therefore, we do not lie to students, parents or counselors.  We value truthfulness in all communications, including our advertising efforts.  We know you have many choices if you wish to earn a high school diploma at home, and we don't want you to have any surprises after you enroll.  We are honest and give you all required information about our general high school program, college preparatory program and independent study high school program for students in grades 9-12 and our accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8.  Our refund policy is clearly stated on our enrollment applications.  We are forthright about all costs you might incur during your enrollment period.  Don't be fooled by whoppers some of our competitors might tell you.  Enroll with us instead! 

American School Closed November 28 and 29

American School will be closed Thursday, November 28, and Friday, November 29.  On Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the year, we are most grateful for our students.  We are happy to have print and online high school courses and print and online middle school courses available for students in grades 6-12.  We are also happy to offer two programs for students to earn a high school diploma at home and an independent study high school program for students who need to take individual subjects for credit recovery.  Our affordable tuition allows students to have more money to spend on Black Friday, and our 122 years of credibility proves we are not a turkey when it comes to distance education.  We look forward to serving you when we reopen with regular business hours on Monday, December 2.


Today’s Anniversary: The University of Notre Dame

It's November 26, and the University of Notre Dame was founded on this date in 1842.  If you've read this blog over the years, you know that we've featured Notre Dame quite a bit, but today's blog is going to talk about finding the right college for you, whatever that college might be.  For some, it's a matter of simply applying to their dream school and being accepted, but that's not the case for most people.  Many people consider location, tuition and what they want to study and then apply to several schools that meet their criteria.  We recommend our college preparatory program consisting of print or online high school courses if you want to attend a four-year college or university, but our general high school program might fill the bill if you're looking to attend a two-year college after you earn a high school diploma at home.  Colleges will look at your academic record and extracurricular activities before accepting you, and our guidance department can answer any questions you might have about the college admissions process.  We know that college is expensive, so we offer scholarships to deserving graduates.  More information about our scholarship program will be available in early 2020.  You might not be thinking about college at this time, but when you do, you will definitely need to complete grades 6-12, so why not get started by enrolling with us today?  We look forward to serving you and helping you succeed in middle school, high school, college and beyond! 

Today’s Birthday: Mickey Mouse

It's November 18, and today is considered to be Mickey Mouse's birthday.  On this date in 1928, he appeared in Steamboat Willie, and the rest is history.  Mickey Mouse is now one of the most recognizable figures in the world, and in his 91 years he has brought joy and happiness to millions of people.  On the other hand, nobody wants to be part of a "Mickey Mouse operation" because a Mickey Mouse operation is an idiom for something that's thought to be poorly-run, simple or trivial.  Our 122 years of experience as a distance education high school and middle school proves we are not a Mickey Mouse operation.  In fact, we take our credibility very seriously.  We are accredited by three reputable accrediting bodies and recognized by our home state of Illinois.  Those accreditations and recognitions testify to the high quality of our accredited high school program and accredited middle school program.  Disneyland is considered the Happiest Place on Earth, but you'll be at your happiest once you earn a high school diploma at home with us.  Get started by enrolling today!    

Today’s Birthday: Gertrude Ederle

It's October 23, and Gertrude Ederle was born on this date in 1905.  When our Writing 1 and Writing 2 courses were in production, we included an excerpt about the life of Gertrude Ederle, who became the first woman to swim across the English Channel.  Not only did her story make for interesting reading and writing, but it can also serve as an inspiration to our students.  Perhaps you feel like you're on one side of a body of water and you need to get to the other to have the life you've always wanted.  Our accredited high school courses online or in print can help you get there.  Unlike Gertrude Ederle, who swam by herself, you'll have the support of our instructors and entire staff while you work to earn a high school diploma at home.  Like Gertrude Ederle, you'll be able to go at your own pace and move through our accredited high school program as quickly or as slowly as you need.  Dip your toe in the water and enroll today!

American School Holds 122nd Annual Meeting

Yesterday American School held its 122nd Annual Meeting of trustees and corporate members.  The event was an opportunity to look back at the challenges and accomplishments of the past year and plan for the future.  A major accomplishment of the past year was the move to Edmentum for our online high school courses and online middle school courses.  So far feedback from students, parents and counselors has been positive, and we expect that to continue in the coming year.  We're also excited about the new 20-unit accredited high school program that will better serve students who plan to go to a four-year college or university, two-year college or the workforce after they earn a high school diploma at home with us.  Those are two of the major highlights of the past year, and the Annual Meeting helps us to plan for more highlights in the year head.  We're grateful to our trustees for their support, and all of us are happy to serve you! 


American School Celebrates Boss’s Day

Yesterday was Boss's Day, and some American School employees took time to thank their immediate supervisors for their hard work throughout the year.  Like every other company, we have a corporate hierarchy.  We have a board of trustees, a president, an executive vice-president, a treasurer, and an educational director in prime exceutive roles.  They are assisted by others who supervise staff members in various departments.  No matter what position each staff member holds, we are all committed to offering you a quality education at an affordable cost whether you're in our accredited middle school program, taking print or online high school courses to earn a high school diploma at home, or taking individual subjects through our high school independent study program.  Perhaps best of all, our flexible structure and payment plan allows you to be your own boss and work when and where you want.  After you earn your online or correspondence high school diploma, you'll make more money than those without a diploma, so why not enroll today!