Today’s Anniversary: The Golden Gate Bridge

It's January 5, and construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began on this date in 1933.  You may think of the American School as a bridge from your current life to the life you've always wanted.  Studies have shown that high school graduates are more successful than those who never graduated from high school.  We offer an online high school diploma for adults or children in addition to a correspondence high school diploma.  Both consist of 18 units of credit, and monthly payment plans are available to make an already cost-effective tuition even more affordable.  Over the years we've helped more than 3 million people earn a high school diploma at home, and we want to include you in that number.  Enroll today and take the first step across the bridge to your bright future.

First Blog of 2018

It's January 2, and this is our first blog of 2018.  What's in store for American School in the new year?  Plenty.  We'll be introducing paper-based middle school courses to complement the online middle school courses already in our accredited middle school program.  Our accredited high school program will see some changes too as we plan to offer students more flexibility in choosing high school correspondence courses and online high school courses as they work to earn a high school diploma at home.  One thing that won't change is our commitment to offering outstanding curriculum at an affordable cost.  We're looking forward to a great year and encourage you to get your year off to a flying start by enrolling with us today! 

American School Closed January 1

American School will be closed Monday, January 1, and reopen on Tuesday, January 2.  As we look back on the past year and look ahead to the new year, one constant is our gratitude toward our students.  We're grateful you have chosen to earn a high school diploma at home with us or take independent study high school courses or be part of our accredited middle school program.  We look forward to making 2018 the best year yet, so if you're not our student already, start your new year off right by enrolling today!


American School at 120 (Part 2)

In 1902, the Armour Institute (currently called the Illinois Institute of Technology) invited American School to Chicago to develop and improve its existing home study courses and home study methods.  Chicago was a transportation hub and had many museums and other educational institutions.  It was also close to St. Louis, host of the 1904 World's Fair at which the American School exhibited.  Courses were added, enrollments grew, and in 1907, just 10 years after its founding, the American School moved into a building of its own on 58th and Drexel in the shadow of the University of Chicago.  That building, which still stands as a historic site, was our home for nearly 90 years until we moved to our current location in the far south suburbs of Chicago.  The American School continued to grow and still others took notice.  Sidney Mitchell was principal at Benton Harbor High School in Michigan.  His idea was to have his students take American School courses to enrich their studies.  Thus, our independent study high school program was born.  To this day, we've helped countless students graduate from high school by taking high school independent study courses, while others have decided to earn a high school diploma at home directly from us.  Either way, we're happy to have helped more than 3 million students graduate high school.  Check back tomorrow for another installment of some of the great moments in American School history!


Today’s Anniversary: The Assembly Line

It's December 1, and on this date in 1913, the Ford Motor Company introduced the first moving assembly line.  We thought this anniversary might be a good occasion to tell you how your exams move throughout our building after you submit them as part of your correspondence high school diploma program or independent study high school program.  When they arrive, exams are sent to our mail table, where they are opened and sorted by subject.  Then they move to the exam distribution office which further separates and organizes them.  After that, they're given to our instructors, who are trained to call students by name and write constructive feedback on every exam they grade.  After exams are graded in the order in which they are received, they return to the exam distribution office and later recorded in our grading system.  Shortly after they are recorded, grades appear in the online student center.  Finally, graded exams are placed in envelopes and mailed back to our students.  The whole process is like an assembly line, and we are grateful to have so many exams from students who are working to earn a high school diploma at home with American School!


American School Closed November 23-24

American School will be closed November 23 and November 24 in observance of Thanksgiving.  We're thankful for a number of things this year, but at the top of the list are the people who make American School possible.  We have dedicated trustees, officers and employees who put students' needs first.  With that in mind, we offer the best high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses we can provide, and we do so at an affordable cost.  The most important group of people, however, are our students.  As stated earlier, we put their needs first.  It's a major reason why we've helped more than 3 million students earn a high school diploma at home, and we'd like to do the same for you.  Enroll today.  We and you will be thankful you did!

Testimonial Thursday

We haven't done a Testimonial Thursday in quite some time, but that changes today.  Micah from Texas writes, "Thank you for all the help you have given me throughout this course.  I appreciate it very much and would like you to know you're doing a great job and a great thing.  You are informing countless children so they can improve their future.  Thank you so much!"  We thank Micah for those words.  We are proud to offer accredited high school courses online and accredited high school courses on paper in addition to online middle school courses.  Soon we'll add middle school courses on paper to the mix.  If you want the same kind of experience as Micah, we invite you to enroll today.  You can earn a high school diploma at home while improving your future at the same time! 


Selena Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The late singer Selena recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but before she received that honor, she was an American School student.  We're proud of Selena and all of our students.  They enroll with us because we offer outstanding and affordable online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  Soon we'll offer middle school correspondence courses as well.  Students also decide to earn a high school diploma at home or complete their middle school education at home because they prefer to learn independently, free from the confinements and distractions of a traditional school setting.  We look forward to helping you become a star after you enroll and become our student!

National Distance Learning Week Begins Today

National Distance Learning Week begins today, and we're happy to be a leading distance education high school and distance education middle school.  Since our founding in 1897, we have helped more than three million students earn a high school diploma at home through various distance learning methods.  Distance learning allows students to study high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses when and where it is convenient for them.  Many students feel more comfortable working in a classroom of one, free from distractions that may occur in a traditional classroom setting.  If you're ready to try distance learning, we invite you to enroll today.  We'd be happy to have you as an American School student! 

Today’s Special Occasion: Halloween

It's October 31, and today is Halloween.  Halloween can be a scary and spooky holiday for some people, but taking online middle school courses, online high school courses and high school correspondence courses with American School is exactly the opposite.  We specialize in outstanding curriculum and caring student service from the moment you enroll until the moment you complete your studies with us.  If you're afraid about homeschooling, don't worry.  We can help you earn a high school diploma at home with the combination of your hard work and the assistance of our qualified instructors.  Enroll today.  We promise you no TRICK questions on your exams but rather that your whole experience with us will be a TREAT.