Today’s Anniversary: The United States Census

It's March 1, and on this date in 1790, the first United States Census was authorized.  The United States Census is taken every ten years in years that end in zero, so next year's event once again will count every person living in the United States.  That got us thinking about how we count our students here at the American School.  Every student who enrolls in a middle school or high school correspondence class or in one of our online middle school courses or online high school courses is given a student number in order of his or her enrollment.  Over the years we've educated more than 3 million students in all 50 states and more than 65 countries around the world.  Some students take multiple courses as part of a print or online high school diploma program, while others take just one course as part of an independent study high school program, but every student is more than a number to us.  We offer personalized attention in distance education and would be happy to count you among our students.  You can join us by enrolling today!  

American School Debuts New Speech Course

American School is pleased to introduce a new Speech course that will be a great addition to our high school correspondence courses.  The course features many examples of famous historical speeches and will give students the opportunity to write speeches of their own.  Along the way students will learn poise and ethics and ultimately become better public speakers.  If you are a current student and wish to add this high school correspondence class to your accredited high school program, please let us know.  If you are a new student who wishes to take this course, we invite you to enroll today.

Today’s Birthday: John Hancock

It's January 23, and originally we weren't going to have a blog post today, but plans changed and so here we are.  American statesman John Hancock was born on this date in 1737.  You've probably seen his signature many times because it's by far the largest one on the Declaration of Independence.  The birthday of the man with perhaps the most famous signature in American history is a good time to remind you to put your name and student number on every page of every exam you send us, whether it's a high school correspondence class or a middle school correspondence class.  Thousands of exams come into our building every day, and we want to make sure the exams you send us for your high school correspondence courses or middle school correspondence courses stay together and don't get lost.  Following the completion of all of your accredited high school courses online or on paper, we look forward to putting your name and our signature on your transcript and/or diploma!      

Today’s Birthday: Alexander Hamilton

It's January 11, and Alexander Hamilton was born on this date in 1753 or 1755.  Historians aren't really sure of his exact year of birth, but you've undoubtedly heard about the hit musical based on his life.  If you're a regular blog reader, you know that we advocate visiting historic sites such as presidential libraries or museums, but the musical is an example of how you can learn about history in any number of ways.  History doesn't have to be something you only learn a high school correspondence class or in online high school courses or online middle school courses.  You can learn history by experiencing different things, even an afternoon or evening at a theater.  If you're down on your luck and haven't had much success in school, remember that Alexander Hamilton often learned independently and he became a legendary statesman.  Do not throw away your shot to become someone great.  Enroll with us today and let us help you earn a high school diploma at home! 

Testimonial Thursday

Today we present another in our series of Testimonial Thursdays.  Shelby from Ohio writes, "The textbooks were good.  I liked the self-check tests.  They were very helpful in showing me the areas I need to focus on.  The instructors who graded my exams were very good and kind when writing comments on my exams."  We thank Shelby for those comments about a high school correspondence class.  Whether students take high school correspondence courses or online high school courses, our instructors write detailed comments on every exam they grade.  We also offer quality study materials from leading curriculum providers.  Perhaps best of all, we keep costs to an absolute minimum, which ensures that students can afford the quality education and service we offer.  To receive the same benefits, we invite you to enroll today!  

New American Literature Course Available

American School is pleased to release a new American Literature course.  The high school correspondence class consists of 8 exams and features the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.  American Literature is recommended for 11th graders and is a fine addition to our already strong lineup of high school correspondence courses.  We will post a full course description soon, but you may enroll anytime in any of our accredited high school courses or accredited middle school courses.  We are happy to serve you! 


New Electives Available

We are proud to announce that three new electives are available to our students.  Each new high school correspondence class is a great addition to our already strong lineup of high school correspondence courses, and we hope that they will be great additions to your curriculum as well.  Modern Metalworking has 10 exams and would be suitable for those who are interested in a career in metalworking and welding.  Fashion has 6 exams and would be suitable for those who are looking to dress smarter or perhaps have a career in fashion design.  Carpentry has 9 exams and would be suitable for those who are handy with tools or would like to have a career as a builder. Full course descriptions will be available soon, but if you wish to enroll now, please contact our Student Service department.  We'll be happy to add these courses to your curriculum and invite you to stay tuned since we plan to add more accredited high school courses in 2019!   

Today’s Anniversary: The Day That Didn’t Exist

It's October 12, and this date didn't happen in 1582 for residents of Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.  Those four countries were transitioning from one calendar to another, and to make calendars match, October 12 was eliminated.  All of us have had days we'd like to forget, but that's not possible in our modern world.  Maybe some of those your days have been caused by your education or lack thereof.  You've struggled on a test or in a course.  You dropped out of school.  You've given up.  American School can help you have better days ahead.  As a leading distance education high school, we serve students of all ages who want to obtain an online or correspondence high school diploma.  We give credit for courses completed at accredited schools, so you won't have to start over from the beginning.  Our monthly payment program ensures taking an online or high school correspondence class won't be a burden on you.  You'll work at your own pace and have the support of our instructors and staff.  Make today a day to remember by restarting your education and enrolling with us!  

Today’s Anniversary: The Phantom of the Opera

It's October 9, and the musical The Phantom of the Opera premiered in London on this date in 1986.  Phantoms, ghosts and similar creatures often appear in musicals, plays, books and other forms of literature.  They may show up in a high school correspondence class or online high school courses, and you may even spot them in print or online middle school courses.  If your beliefs prevent you from reading stories involving phantoms and ghosts, please let us know.  We've included these stories in our curriculum because they are from some of the finest pieces of literature we can find, but we do not want to compromise your beliefs.  Provisions are in place for you to complete the course in a satisfactory manner while adhering to your beliefs.  We are happy to serve you and assist you however we can.   


Testimonial Thursday

Today we have a testimonial from Brittany from Florida, who writes, "The American School’s textbooks are as good as any other high school textbooks.  The study guides were very clearly written and easy to follow.  The instructors were prompt about getting my tests graded and mailed back to me.  The study guides prepared me a lot for the exams."  We thank Brittany for those words.  For our middle school and high school correspondence courses, we use textbooks and other materials from leading textbook providers.  The materials are written to standards and are the same ones used at traditional schools.  The quality of our study materials and instructors is one reason why more than three million people have taken a high school correspondence class with us as part of an accredited high school program.  We invite you to join them by enrolling with us today!