Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's November 30 and today is Cyber Monday.  It's known as Cyber Monday because many people choose to shop online today, and perhaps some of you are looking for a distance education high school or middle school for yourself, a family member or a friend.  If so, you've come to the right place.  We offer accredited high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  Take them collectively as part of an accredited high school program or middle school program, or take them individually for credit recovery or enrichment.  Whether you take one course or many, our tuition is all-inclusive, meaning that tuition includes study materials, grading, record-keeping, access to the online student center and much more.  Since you're already in the mood to shop online today, why not purchase the most valuable gift you can–an education.  Visit our enrollment page to get started!

Today’s Anniversary: The Origin of Species

It's November 24, and Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species was published on this date in 1859.  We mention this today because we know that some students who take our online high school courses and high school correspondence courses do not want to read about evolution.  We do our best to accommodate students' beliefs, but some material in some courses is mandatory because it is required by state and national standards.  If you find something objectionable in our courses, we ask that you notify us as quickly as possible so that we can make adjustments or provide you with an explanation of why the material is required.  Thank you for your understanding and for making us your distance education high school and middle school.

STEM Organization of America Competition

Today's blog has information about a competition run by the STEM Organization of America.  If you are taking our online high school courses or high school correspondence courses and are interested in STEM, we invite you to click the links above for more information.  The deadline to apply is December 7.  We enjoy sharing opportunites like this with students in our accredited high school program, so keep checking this blog on a regular basis to see what we will share next.

Today’s Birthday: Christopher Paolini

It's November 17, and American School graduate and best-selling author Christopher Paolini turns 37 years old today.  He graduated with an accredited high school diploma at the age of 15 and has gone on to write a series of novels, including four in the Eragon series, one of which was made into a feature film.  His latest book, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, made the best-seller list as well.  We are proud to call Christopher our graduate, and we would be proud to call you our graduate as well.  Students can enroll in our accredited high school program whenever they are ready to begin ninth grade, and it is possible for students to graduate at age 15 or even earlier.  Choose from high school correspondence courses or online high school courses and write your own story as an American School student!

Today’s Anniversary: Oklahoma

It's November 16, and Oklahoma became a state on this date in 1907.  We've attended many conventions in Tulsa and Oklahoma City over the years, and Sooner or later we will return to Oklahoma for another homeschool or counselor convention.  Whenever we visit the Sooner State, we always meet people who enjoy what American School offers.  Parents and students like that we allow students to work at their own pace in accredited online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses or middle school correspondence courses.  Counselors like that we provide all instruction and record-keeping services for students in our independent study high school program who will be earning a diploma from a resident school.  Everyone likes that we are a non-profit institution who charges affordable all-inclusive tuition.  We hope that Sooner or later you will become our student too.  You can do so by enrolling today!

Today’s Special Occasion: Friday the 13th

It's November 13, and today is Friday the 13th.  Friday the 13th is often associated with fear and bad luck, and indeed the previous Friday the 13th this year was a difficult day.  That occurred on March 13 at the beginning of the pandemic, and people were understandably scared of what the coming days might bring.  Eight months later, we are still dealing with the effects of the pandemic and might have similar concerns about what the future holds.  A constant in the last eight months has been the dedication of American School staff.  Many of them have been in the building on a consistent basis and have followed all health and safety protocols.  We know students who take our online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses and middle school correspondence courses rely on us now more than ever to offer them a quality education in a safe environment.  Hopefully things will be much better by the time the next Friday the 13th rolls around in August 2021, but in all circumstances, American School is happy to serve our students, and we are happy you have made us your distance education high school or middle school.

2020 Convention #21: MSCA Conference (Cancelled)

American School planned to go from one Lansing to another next week, but unfortunately we will not participate in the Michigan School Counselors Association Fall Conference this year.  Had we been able to attend in person, we would have information about our independent study high school program and shared how students can take our online high school courses or high school correspondence courses for credit recovery or enrichment.  We look forward to making the 3-hour trip from Lansing, Illinois to Lansing, Michigan again in 2021 and hope to see many of you there next year!

Celebrate National Distance Learning Week

It's November 9, and today is the first day of National Distance Learning Week.  American School has been a leader in distance learning since 1897, and today we are happy to be a leading distance education high school and middle school.  We try to make distance learning as personal as possible.  That means we call students by name when we grade their exams in online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses and middle school correspondence courses.  In addition, our staff is available to help during regular business hours, and we always reply to phone calls or emails within one business day.  There is no better way for you and for us to celebrate National Distance Learning Week than to have you become our student.  Begin the process by enrolling today! 

2020 Convention #20: MSCA Fall Conference (Cancelled)

American School was scheduled to head west in the coming days to exhibit at the Missouri School Counselors Association Fall Conference, but the in-person event has been cancelled.  We look forward to visiting counselors in the Show Me State next year, and when we do, we will show them the many ways we can serve their students.  Some independent study high school students will take our courses for credit recovery.  Others may want to take high school correspondence courses or online high school courses as part of a diploma program if they are at risk of dropping out of their current high school.  Other counselors might want to learn more about our accredited middle school program.  We are happy to serve them all and help their students each their educational goals. 

Today’s Anniversary: The National Security Agency

It's November 4, and the National Security Agency was founded on this date in 1952.  The NSA's anniversary is a good day for us to tell you the steps we take to keep your personal information safe and secure.  Our internal student record system is password-protected and backed up weekly.  That means that your records are always safe and secure.  In addition, our internal email system and office computers all have the latest security technology which allows our staff to communicate with students safely.  All of our students have access to a password-protected online student center.  Students who take our high school correspondence courses can log on to the site to do their exams online or review their records.  Students who take our online high school courses or online middle school courses also must enter a user name and password before accessing those courses.  As you can see, we have many security features in place to keep our students and staff safe.  Discover them for yourself by enrolling today!