Today’s Anniversary: The American School Blogger

It's September 15, and on this date in 1998, the person who would become the American School Blogger started working at American School.  Obviously a lot has changed in nearly two decades.  Back in 1998, American School was strictly focused on high school correspondence courses that students could take as part of an accredited high school program or individually as part of an independent study high school.  We still offer students the opportunity to earn a correspondence high school diploma, and that will never change, but one of the biggest changes in the last 18 years is that we offer online high school courses and online middle school courses.  Those have been so important to our students in recent years, as have our other online services such as the online student center, our Facebook and Twitter pages and this very blog.  Looking toward the future, American School will continue to adapt and offer more courses and services to students.  You'll see some of them shortly and some of them in 2017 and beyond.  We're proud of our past but excited for our future, and we're grateful you've chosen to read this blog and make us your distance education high school and middle school.