New U.S. History Course Available

American School is pleased to announce the release of a new paper-based United States History course.  It's one of many high school correspondence courses available for students who wish to earn a correspondence high school diploma.  We also offer the best online high school courses which may be taken to earn an online high school diploma for adults or children.  Don't go down in history as someone who didn't earn a high school diploma.  Enroll today!


Reminder About Online Courses

We're grateful to have so many new students in our accredited online high school courses and accredited online middle school courses, but we wish to offer the following reminder.  Once your application has been received, we must process the application, enter your personal information and financial information into our system, and then place you in a section of the online course.  The whole process takes a little bit of time, and so you will not receive instant access to your online courses right after you enroll.  You should, however, be ready to begin your online courses within a week of submitting your enrollment application.  Thank you for your cooperation and for enrolling in a school offering individual middle school or high school courses, a full middle school program and an online high school diploma for adults or children.  We are happy to have you as our students!

Today’s Anniversary: The Transcontinental Railroad

It's May 10, and when the golden spike was nailed into the ground at Promontory Summit in Utah on this date in 1869, the Transcontinental Railroad was completed.  As its name implies, the Transcontinental Railroad connected the eastern and western portions of the United States and greatly improved transportation across the country.  In some ways, earning your online or correspondence high school diploma with American School is like the Transcontinental Railroad.  It can help you move from your current situation to the life you've always wanted as quickly and conveniently as possible.  If you want to earn a correspondence or online high school diploma for adults, you can do that since there is no age restriction for our students.  We are proud to serve anyone who wishes to take accredited high school courses for enrichment, credit recovery or toward a diploma.  Let us help you get your education on track.  Enroll today!

American School Updates Speech Course

American School has released an updated version of Speech: How to Talk More Effectively.  This course is a required subject in our General High School Diploma Program and may be taken as an elective by students in our College Preparatory Program.  If you're interested in a correspondence or online high school diploma for adults or if you're still a teenager looking to earn an online or correspondence high school diploma, public speaking is a skill you need to succeed in life.  We revise our accredited high school courses regularly so that our students can take the best courses we can offer.  Enroll today and reap the rewards of our top-notch paper-based and online high school courses.