Testimonial Thursday

It’s the first Thursday of 2021, which makes it the perfect time for the first Testimonial Thursday of the new year.   Although we’re always happy to serve students in the United States, sometimes we wish to remind you that we are internationally relevant and serve students in more than 65 countries around the world.  One of those countries is South Africa, and that’s where we find Valentina, who writes, “American School is one of the better homeschooling systems I have ever enjoyed.  The instructors are very helpful and thorough with their comments.  The books are helpful too and are very interesting indeed.  Thank you for all your help and support.”  We thank Valentina for those words and wish to expand upon one of her thoughts.  Our instructors are indeed helpful when students call, email or write asking for assistance.  They are also thorough with their comments when they grade exams in high school courses and middle school courses.  We try to make distance education as personal as possible, and that includes having our instructors call students by name whenever they communicate with them.  That same level of personal attention in distance education extends to our entire staff.  All of us want to help you earn a high school diploma at home, but we can’t do that unless you enroll and become our student.  Get started today!