Testimonial Thursday

It's January 10, and today we're proud to offer our students' first testimonial of the new year.  This one comes from Meg in North Carolina, who writes, "I loved the Child Care course.  I learned many interesting things about children.  The instructors' comments were always kind and helpful.  The textbooks used many examples to explain concepts.  This made learning the material much easier."  We thank Meg for her comments and wish to highlight two points she made.  First, our instructors indeed take special measures to write helpful, personalized comments on every exam they grade.  It's our way of making distance learning as personal as possible.  Second, for our print-based courses, our Curriculum department works hard to select the best textbooks possible and supplements them with study guides to help our students better understand the material.  We are happy to provide these services for Meg and for all of our students and invite you to enroll and receive the same outstanding education as they do.