Testimonial Thursday

It's January 31, and we can squeeze in a couple more testimonials from our students before we flip the calendar to February.  Today's testimonials are unique because they come from some of our fans on Facebook.  Rosie wrote, "I proudly graduated last year!  This is a great program and had amazing instructors that helped me with whatever I was having problems with.  One I would like to give special thanks to is Steve who helped me through Algebra. He was very patient and I could tell that he loved what he did!  This is the best school.  I love how it is self paced, and I liked it so much my younger brother is now going through it! Thank you again!!!"  Angie wrote, "I am a PROUD American School graduate. It's been (ahem) a few years since I graduated, but I highly recommend it for any self led student. Learning to study on my own set me up for college independence without a teacher or parent guiding me. Thank you, American School!"  We thank Rosie and Angie for their comments and for liking us on Facebook.  We encourage you to like us there, as well as follow us on Twitter.  Those two social media sites, along with this blog, will keep you updated on all the exciting things the American School has planned for 2013!