Testimonial Thursday

Our testimonial this week comes from Shae'lon from Georgia, who writes, "The American School is a good opportunity for students to make up high school credits without a whole lot of problems.  You can study wherever you are.  My family was ready to move, but I hadn’t finished all of my high school credits.  With the American School, I was able to move with my family and still complete the classes I needed for my diploma.  Thank you, American School.  You all were very helpful."  We thank Shae'lon for those words.  They are a great reminder that we can help students make up the credits they need to graduate on time with their class.  At the same time, Shae'lon's words are a reminder that American School work can be completed anywhere: in all 50 states, in more than 65 countries around the world, at home, away from home, on paper or online!  Stay tuned because four weeks from today, we'll have a big announcement regarding our online learning offerings!