Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and we're back with another testimonial from one of our students.  Christian from Indiana writes, "I liked the Careers course because it asked me questions about my life and related my answers to possibilities for my future.  I also found that my instructors showed me where to find the correct answers when I would get them wrong.  They were very helpful."  We thank Christian for those words.  Indeed our instructors try to make distance learning as personal as possible.  They call students by name when grading exams in print or online high school courses or print or online middle school courses, and they give personalized feedback so that students can do better on future exams.  Our accredited high school courses and accredited middle school courses give students knowledge in a wide variety of subject areas and, in the case of Christian's course, can introduce students to possible careers.  Make this May 28 a day to remember by enrolling with American School today!