Testimonial Thursday

Today's student testimonial comes from Kyli, who lives in Vermont.  She writes, "I found all my materials, the methods and the service very satisfactory.  The subjects are easy to understand, and I really came to appreciate the self-check tests.  They prepared me for the actual exams.  The fact that you receive your test and grade with your instructor’s comments on it is wonderful.  Overall I found the American School to be easy, simple and very effective."  We thank Kyli for those remarks and wish to emphasize two things.  First, students should do self-check tests and all other preliminary work before attempting the unit examination.  The preliminary work will help you do much better on the unit examination.  Second, our instructors are trained to write detailed, constructive feedback on every exam they grade, whether it's an online exam or a paper-based exam.  See for yourself after you enroll and become our student! 

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