Testimonial Thursday

If it's Thursday, then it must be time for a testimonial from one of our students.  Today's comes from Steven from Pennsylvania, who writes, "I found everything easy to understand, and when I did poorly on a test, the instructor made sure I fully understood what I did wrong and corrected my mistakes.  I like the fact I can work at my own pace, taking more time when I need to so I understand completely the subject I am working on."  We thank Steve for those thoughts.  It's not uncommon for our students to tell us they enjoy the ability to work at their own pace.  It's what sets us apart from many other schools.  It's also true that our instructors give detailed feedback on every exam they grade.  They tell students the correct answer and where to find it in their textbooks, study guides or online course materials.  Our instructors also call students by name in an effort to make distance learning as personal as possible.  These benefits and much more can be yours if you enroll today and become our student.

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