Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and that's the day we post testimonials from our students who earn a high school diploma at home.  Just yesterday we received the following letter and wish to share it with you today. 

Hello American School,

I recently graduated from American School June 2016 and wanted to let you know of a personal journey for myself.  I've accomplished a lot in my life.  I own a nice home as well as other properties, own nice vehicles, and went to college and one thing was missing.  I didn't have my high school diploma.  Please tell all of the young students how important it is to get their high school diploma….because no matter how far one goes in life they will have to go back and get it one day.

The staff at American School was professional, available and kind through out my enrollment.

Thank you!

We enjoy receiving letters like that and are appreciative of those remarks.  The letter is a good reminder that you're never too old to get an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma.  Take the first step toward getting yours and enroll today!