Testimonial Thursday

Today we have a testimonial from a graduate who lived in Wisconsin at the time he was a student with us.  He writes, "Hello American School.  I've been meaning to send an update email for a while.  I graduated in 2005, attended hometown university for a couple years, UW Fox Valley, and then double-majored in programmer analyst/network infrastructure at the local community college for a couple years after that.  I've never received a degree, but it turns out I'm making 100K+ before I'm 30.  American School was the first major stepping stone on this journey.  My high school put me in night school in the middle of my first semester sophomore year, and I got straight A's in all my core classes, except biology, which, long story short, it was the second quarter, I had a 12% in the class, even though I had A's on the tests, but there was no working with the instructor/it was too late to change anything.  As such, since the deal I made was to pass all my core classes, the principal was looking forward to expelling me.  I tried to work with him, I described the situation, and even at the endorsement of my three other class teachers — whose instruction I was not even receiving but doing phenomenal work — top of the class, the expulsion was going to happen anyway.  And this is where American School became my alternative.  Having the flexible schedule correspondence education allows, but mostly getting a real high school diploma, not a G.E.D., and a diploma with college prep classes even… I've just been meaning to send a thank you and just a general update for a while.  Not sure what the statistics out there are for American School graduates, but with your accreditation & program structure, I was able to educate myself, had the credentials to get into universities — I'm actually enrolled at UVU now for dance classes — apparently the dance program out here is amazing — and I wound up out here for work, and with the university education and the tech school education, I was able to get real jobs in my field, and, with luck and hard work, I'm not Monopoly-MoneyBags, only because I don't apply myself which is a problem I've been struggling with my entire life, but with American School's help I was able to break the chain of abuse and of poverty with which I thought I was forever doomed to struggle.  I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope this message finds you well.  Thank you so much."  We were touched by this letter which shows that our accredited high school courses and accredited high school program make real differences in our students' lives.  No matter your situation, you can benefit from the best online high school courses and high school correspondence courses.  Enroll today!