Testimonial Thursday

It's October 25, and today we're proud to offer you another testimonial from one of our students.  Perla from Wisconsin writes, "I liked how the math courses showed how to do the problem in many different ways.  I also love going to the American School's Web site and Online Student Center.  When I don't understand something, I can always email the instructors and they answer back very quickly."  We thank Perla for her comments, and we want to say a few more words about what she said.  We know that, for many students, math is the most difficult subject they'll take.  That's why we do make every effort to show different ways to solve problems.  In addition, our math courses contain many examples of different types of math problems so that, by the time a student gets to the unit exam, he or she will have seen every type of problem mentioned on the exam.  Also, please note the second half of Perla's comments.  Recently we posted a list of departmental email addresses in our Online Student Center.  If a student has questions about a course, he or she can email an instructor and receive a response within one business day.  It's another way in which we attempt to offer caring and convenient service to all of our students.