Testimonial Thursday

It's another Testimonial Thursday, and today we have one from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, a city that was featured in last Friday's blog.  Jess writes, "I feel that the Understanding English 2 course was great as a second chance for me to get my diploma when I was denied that chance in school.  Thank you!"  Jess's testimonial points out that we are a second-chance school.  If you're behind at your traditional high school and need to make up a course or two, consider our high school independent study courses.  You can take them and graduate on time with your class.  If you're older and dropped out of school, you can earn a high school diploma at home.  Work as your schedule allows and graduate as quickly as possible with the help of our general high school or college preparatory program.  Visit our enrollment page, select the program of your choice, and get started toay.  We're happy to give you the second chance you need to graduate from high school!