Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and we have yet another testimonial from one of our students.  Temitape from Arkansas writes, "I found everything so helpful, especially the textbooks and study guides.  The instruction was very helpful too.  The notes the instructor wrote on the top of the exams were very helpful and motivated me to do well and keep going."  We are grateful for those words.  Although we offer online middle school courses and online high school courses in addition to middle school and high school correspondence courses, there is a human element to how every exam of every course is graded.  Nothing is graded entirely by machine.  In fact, our instructors do write or type notes on every exam they grade.  We are hopeful that these notes politely correct students when they are incorrect and give them encouragement to succeed on future exams.  It's that kind of personal attention and support that separates us from other distance education high schools and middle schools.  See for yourself and enroll today!