Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and so we're back with another testimonial from one of our students.  Today's comes from Ashley in Arizona, who writes, "I loved how the instructors seem to be giving you and only you their attention.  It’s a really nice change."  We thank Ashley for those words.  The people who grade our accredited high school courses and middle school courses try to make distance education as personal as possible.  Even before students submit exams, they may call, write or email their instructors for assistance.  When instrcutors grade exams, they call students by name and offer constructive criticism.  Although online high school courses and online middle school courses may have online exams, there is a human element to grading every exam in every course.  Nothing is graded entirely by a computer.  Over the years, millions of students have appreciated this personal touch, and we're confident you will too.  Enroll today and see for yourself!