Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, so we have another testimonial from one of our students.  Mariah from Washington writes, "I loved the simplicity of the course and the fact that I could go at my own speed.  I could go into as much depth or as much explanation as I wanted."  We thank Mariah for those words.  When we survey students who take our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses or online middle school courses, an overwhelming majority share Mariah's sentiments about working at their own pace.  If students need to take a longer time to master a concept, we give them that opportunity.  Working at your own pace does not mean that you have an unlimited amount of time to complete a course.  Our online courses include pacing guides, and all of our courses are subject to the terms of completion as outlined on our enrollment applications, but working at your own pace gives you the flexibility to work when and where you want.  Join the millions of students who've benefitted from working at their own pace by enrolling with American School today!